We offer training that is beyond the basic training that is offered by others. In our training classes, you will learn how to take your skills to an all new level. That said, even novices that have never printed before can not only benefit from our training but avoid years of costly errors. SOS – School of Screenprinting is a division and industry initiative of Bill Hood Consulting.

Bill-HoodBill Hood is the Founder and Managing Director of the International School of Screenprinting and the Escuela de Serigrafía. Bill is a member of the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies, Past President of the Texas Association of Screenprinters, a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, and a visiting professor at the Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education, Research & Training in Mumbai, India. As an educator, he has conducted screenprinting workshops for over 35 years in 62 counties in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He is a popular guest lecturer at industry trade shows. His videos have received 250,000 views on YouTube, and his Webinars are viewed by thousands. He is the author of 75 books on screenprinting and thousands of technical articles. He has owned and operated several screenprinting shops and possesses an intimate knowledge of the screenprinting process.

All of our educational/training programs are conducted by Bill Hood, the founder and director of the School of Screenprinting, and a recognized expert in screenprinting technology. Programs are offered in English and Spanish.

Training is the most important tools to ensure that staff member possesses the skills that are relevant for producing high-quality printing that is efficient and effective.

At the School of Screenprinting we offer a variety of programs:

  • Workshops for printing professionals
  • Corporate Programs with custom practical training
  • Programs for sales representatives who want to better understand the process
  • Online Training Lectures via video conferencing
  • Onsite Training where we train your entire staff
  • Educational Road Shows for Manufacturers and Distributors

Our programs are intended for professionals within the commercial realm of the screenprinting technologies and cover all segments, including architectural, fine arts, electronics, graphics, industrial, textile and others.

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