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Over the years, I have noted many inconsistencies in the various pricing matrices that are in use in the screenprinting technologies, especially in the textile segment. It is standard business practice to set a margin that will meet the costs and produce an amount of revenue that allows for an expected growth for the company.

This product includes the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template and an article on pricing that will assist you in thinking about the myriad variables of pricing that confront textile printers.

This Excel Spreadsheet Template can used to generate a price for any item by simply inserting your business expenses, the price that you incur for the unprinted item, and the shipping cost as many items come from different distributors with myriad shipping costs. It takes into accord several factors that are often overlooked in pricing. Once you have your cost inserted, you can quickly and easily find the selling price for any item you print.

This is not an end-all formula, but one which deserves attention. This is an educational template to help you increase your knowledge of pricing. You may find that it is useful for comparing your existing pricing matrix and in fact, you may find it a superior way of pricing. Either way, study the pricing matrix before using it for actual pricing.

As stated this template is for educational use only and one should not use the numbers as given in the template. You should enter your own numbers from your Profit and Loss Statement. The formulas are locked to prevent rendering the spreadsheet useless and to protect our Intellectual Property.

Download the template and take a look at the spreadsheet. Compare the differences between what you are currently charging and what will create a uniform margin. Study it carefully.

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