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The Pinnacle Group is a yearly subscription offering a deep dive into the skills needed to attain the pinnacle of success for less than the price of a Caffe Mocha Venti at Starbucks. Click on the Description Link below for more information.

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The Pinnacle Group for those who want to take deep dive into the skills needed to attain more success. Most people want their information fed to them in bullet points that they can read in less than two minutes. And, while we do offer help for them in our Knowledge Base, and a bit more information in our Technical Articles, there are those who understand that in order to be better than the competition requires more in-depth information.

For those individuals who want more, we offer the Pinnacle Group – a monthly series of articles, where we expound on single subjects without limits in terms of time needed to read. These whitepapers often run to 10 pages or more, as we cover the subject intensely. They are not meant for the casual reader, but for those who want a fast track to the knowledge needed to get ahead of the crowd. Think of it as a monthly action plan to reach the pinnacle of success.

Subscribers can expect at least one or more Pinnacle Series articles each month. The subscription works out to only $4.33 per article. A link to the article will be included in the monthly email that is sent to all subscribers.

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