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Why worry about travel expenses, when you could receive your education in screenprinting right in your own shop, office, or home? No airfare, hotel, eating in restaurants or cab fares.

We present our School of Screenprinting online. This is not a canned presentation or a recorded webinar, but the entire 2-day course, presented via video conferencing to you, your staff, and your management. Get everyone on the same page, with the ability to ask questions as we go along. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer monitor or if you have a large group, feed the video conferencing to a large screen television with an HDMI cable.

Take the course over the weekend and go to work Monday with an entirely new outlook on solving the daily problems that arise. Improving your quality, efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness.  Or, we can work around your schedule with hours, utilizing a four-hour class each morning for four days.

This is a highly illustrated presentation for visual learners and in-depth explanations of the why and how of every task in the screenprinting process for audio learners. You will find the presentation jam-packed with information that many have described as information overload.

The best part is that this is non-biased information, with no sales of anything. You are paying for information, and we will give you lots of it.

The price is for the presentation and it does not matter how many people are in the class. One or one hundred – it is the same price.

If you have any pre-sale questions, call me at 512.807.8222. If I am on another call, as I am frequently, please leave a message and I will return the call.

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