International School of Screenprinting Advanced


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This opportunity is on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, You can check back after the pandemic has past to see if we are ready to offer the opportunity again.

We have combined the benefit of a private, weekend, holiday with the advanced training that your staff and management need to gain the knowledge that will increase their Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Effectiveness (The 3-Es) and benefit from Consistency, Predictability, and Reliability (CPR) in your process. Altogether, this adds up to an increase in quality, productivity, and revenue for your organization.

This event is for experienced individuals who want to take their craft to an all new level of understanding. This is not a hands-on class. It consists of lectures, detailed explanations of the how and why of the process and a healthy dose of questions and answers. Bring your questions and they will be answered.


In 2005, we began offering off-site training in Cuernavaca, Mexico – The City of Eternal Spring. Many organizations have taken advantage of the ability to send individuals or bring the entire team to Cuernavaca for an off-site training conference. Cuernavaca is located 1.5 hours south of Mexico City in a semi-tropical region where the median temperature is 72˚F (22˚C) year-round. For more information on Cuernavaca visit online.

We meet in the Conference Room at La India Bonita Restaurant in the historic center of Cuernavaca. Coffee, tea and other beverages are served in the Conference Room throughout the day. Lunch can be taken served among the lush flora of the outdoor garden of the restaurant.


You can choose any two consecutive days that you wish. Simply check our calendar by Clicking Here to assure the availability of the days you wish to book.


We can also provide tour services with a licensed and bonded, English speaking, tour operator, entertainment services, book shopping and spa treatments for spouses, and much more.


The cost of the two-day training is $1,500 USD for the group (up to 20 individuals). Larger groups can be moved to a larger meeting place if needed with advanced planning. This is for private training for your group. Do not book travel until you have received notice from us.

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