Off-Site Consulting/Training

For Individuals or Your Entire Team


In 2005, we begin offering off-site consulting and training in Cuernavaca, Mexico – The City of Eternal Spring – where the median temperature is 72˚F (22˚C) year round. Many organizations have taken advantage of the ability to send individuals or bring the entire team to Cuernavaca for an off-site consultation. We are located 1.5 hours south of Mexico City on the side of a mountain in a semi-tropical region.

The off-site consulting and training provide a different environment, with no interruptions, to provide the information that is needed to

We will put together the most beneficial package that will bring outstanding benefit to you, your staff and your entire organization. We make all the arrangements for you and all you have to do is show up with your team.

The value of off-site consulting and training is that they remove your team from outside distractions for a sufficient length of time to contemplate strategic issues, including the team’s own skills development. And, in most instances, they are a complete tax write off for the organization.

Off-site consulting and training help to solidify your team or staff members, while enhancing their knowledge. It is effective in giving members time to get to know each other and to do long-range or strategic planning for the organization. A regular dedicated time spent at off-site and away from distractions is considered essential by many companies. They are the best investment for the continued success of any organization.


The presence of an independent facilitator, briefed by your team leader, ensures that time is well spent and all individuals are able to participate fully.  This is also an excellent opportunity to bring in external expertise or to introduce scenarios arising from technical issues.

Your Consult / Training Your Way

Each consult is individually designed in conjunction with the client and is flexible enough to respond to issues as they arise. We provide a curriculum around your needs and wants and involve your entire team in analysis, creativity and action planning of the consulting and training.

In addition to consulting and training activities, meals together and a complete break from the mundane, with some outdoor activity are excellent bonuses that allow the mind to consolidate the learning and be more creative and relax together.

Why is off-site consulting and training so powerful?

Day to day, you work under pressure, little chance to spend quality time working on the problems and learning better ways to do things. Whether your objective is to build a team to work together better, to be more innovative, or to get down to work on your strategy, you will achieve much, much more if you get away, change the environment and allow time for the process.

For projects such as business planning, strategic planning, and budgeting, scenario planning, or training in any of the various screenprinting tasks, uninterrupted time is essential. For some, confidentiality is also needed. For some, just a change of environment is enough to make a difference.

What do you get?

We organize and facilitate the consult and training. Our customer-designed packages include:

  • Accommodations search, negotiation, and booking
  • Pre-briefing and agreement of outcomes
  • Design and approval of the program
  • Organization and administration
  • Preparation of materials
  • Management and facilitation of the main event
  • Workshops and breakout sessions
  • Review, action planning, and follow-up commitments
  • Meeting report

We ensure that each event is structured to achieve a previously agreed outcome, but is flexible and responsive enough to deal with whatever arises.


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