Increasing Resolution from 72-dpi TO 300-dpi

How would you like to increase the resolution of a 72-dpi image that is 2.75-inches tall to 300 dpi and 8-inches tall, or larger? You can do it quite easily in Photoshop.

In screenprinting, we are often asked to reproduce very small illustrations at a much larger size. Of course, we all know that when we increase the size, the image becomes bit-mapped with saw-toothed edges. The customer thinks that we can somehow make his business card size logo look wonderful when printed at 10-inches high.

There are numerous ways to do this in Photoshop, but most will cause some loss of resolution in the fine details. One method is to convert the drawing to grayscale. Then enlarge it in the Image Size dialog box — found under Image — to a resolution of 600 pixels/inch and perhaps 10 times the size of the original. For an image that is 2.75-inches wide that would be 27.5-inches wide. Next, open Threshold — found under Image/Adjustments — click on Preview and move the slider until you achieve the best image. Watch for the small details to disappear as you will want to retain as much detail as possible.

That said, you can use this simple video tutorial, below, to learn how to increase the resolution of a 72-dpi file that is only 2.75-inches tall to a clean illustration that is 300-dpi and 8-inches tall. You will find that you can hold much more detail with this technique.

Thank you for watching, and we hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.

May all your impressions be great!


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