Heat Detector

Heat Detector

A heat detector can help resolve issues with curing in a conveyor oven. You simply set the minimum and maximum temperature range and when the dryer goes above or below the settings, the built-in audible alarm and timer beeps to let the operator know that the dryer is out of range. If a substrate gets caught in the dryer and ignites the alarm will sound when the heat in the chamber rises.

The four-foot-long Type K thermocouple fits inside the dryer and provides a constant reading of the temperature at its location, not the ink temperature. Once you have your dryer set to curing temperature, whatever the temperature is at the thermocouple becomes the norm for curing temperature and you can set it to provide an alarm at a higher or lower temperature from there.

I have clients that use the TipTemp Industrial Alarm System and it has been quite valuable to them. The device works at temperatures from -328°F up to 2498°F (-200°C ~ 1370°C) with a +/- 2°F (+/- 1°C) typical variance. It is battery operated and the batteries normally last approximately one year.




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