Latest Past Events

Principles of Ink Transfer – SOLD OUT


Learn How Ink Transfers to the Substrate - If you are the average screenprinter, ink transfer is not what you think it is. Nothing can be more important to your success than to have knowledge of the ink transfer process. It is paramount that you...

Getting Started with 5S – SOLD OUT


Increasing Efficiency - Learn how a simple organizational strategy can transform your business. If your company is like most organizations, you’re searching for a competitive edge. Become more agile in a changing business environment. 5S can help you achieve this and more. Lower costs Better...

Transforming Production with Lean – SOLD OUT


Increase Your Production and Revenue - Put simply, Lean Production seeks to improve production processes and increase efficiency. Lean Production spans a variety of concepts and methods; therefore, getting started can be intimidating and overwhelming. To help, we’ve created an easy-to-use presentation that introduces Lean...

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