Cease having to remake stencils that were exposed improperly

How many times have you had to make two or more strokes to achieve opacity? How many times have you exposed a stencil only to realize that the squeegee side was slimy and had that sinking feeling that the screen was underexposed and would probably not make it through the run without breaking down? Are […]


The ultimate goal of every screenprinter should be to reduce waste and increase margins, while increasing quality.

It is quite common for an ink to penetrate absorbent substrates leading to a waste of ink and time needed to clean the ink from the platen or press bed. The cost of excessive ink transferred through the absorbent material can effectively double (or more) the cost of ink. Even in a small shop with […]

Federal Law on Endorsements and Testimonials

In this age of social media and blogs, where people are providing a testimonial about products and services, the statements are often taken to be truthful by the readers. However, there are many instances where this is not the case.

Almost daily, I see posts, where an endorsement or testimonial is made by individuals that I personally know either work for or have received a benefit from the mention of a particular product or service and the information presented, is often far from the truth.

The problem is they are legally required to disclose their material connection with the product or service so that those reading the testimonial would know of the connection However I have yet to see even one of these individuals include the required disclosure as mandated by the Federal Trade Commission.

Such a statement would be similar to:

Disclosure of Material Connection: Under Federal Law, I must disclose that I work for the company mentioned above and/or I have a material connection with the company in that I receive either products or discounts from the company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to those who read my comments. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

An example might be that someone asks about a particular brand of ink on Facebook or other social media site. You have used the ink and personally found it to be very good for the purpose mentioned in the original post. You post a message, stating:

“I have used this ink for several years and have found that it works like a charm. It is creamy, ready to use right out of the bucket, produces a smooth, soft finish and cures extremely well. All of the products that I have printed using this ink have come out excellent.”

While that sounds like a glowing recommendation and may be very well entirely true in your own personal opinion. However, it may not be the case for others with a completely different set of variables. If you have no material connection with the ink manufacturer or a distributor your testimonial may not be looked upon as endorsement.

However, if a connection exists between you and the seller of the product or service, which might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement (i.e. the connection is not known or not reasonably expected by the readers), then such a connection must be fully disclosed.

As an example when someone asks, “What ink would you recommend for printing camouflaged fleece?” and a person who works for or has a material connection with a manufacturer or distributor posts a testimonial or even a link to the product, then that person must fully disclose their material connection or be charged under the Federal Law.

Another example is if you promote a product or service that also supports your website by paid advertisement, you must disclose the material connections in all mentions of the product or service.

To learn more, read the Federal Register Notice by Clicking Here

The One Thing

the-one-thingThe One Thing: Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

What’s The ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

In the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, Gary Keller has identified that behind every successful person is their ONE Thing. No matter how success is measured, personal or professional, only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on The ONE Thing stands between you and your goals. The ONE Thing is about getting extraordinary results in every situation.

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Eliminating registration problems from your life

Registration can be one of the most nerve wreaking tasks in the screenprinting technologies for anyone who has to print multiple colors or produce a print that must register on the substrate perfectly with each print. You may be surprised that the downtime you experience trying to line up that job that did not want […]


Creating a lasting and profitable relationship

The gears turn and indeed those of the screenprinting technologies turn as we solve the problems of our clients. Yes, as screenprinters, we are in the problem-solving business. And, just like the gears on a fine Patek Philippe watch must turn exquisitely, so must the gears of your problem-solving. You must be in constant movement […]


Be deliberate about how you spend your time

Surveys confirm what our guts already know: We are enduring a “time famine”unknown to previous generations. Faced with urgent work, urgent errands, urgent texts, urgent emails, and a slew of other supposedly urgent tasks, we’re increasingly squandering our finite lives on the urgent at the expense of the important. It’s making us miserable. “People are […]


Management By Objectives

Management By Objectives (MBO), also known as Management By Results (MBR), is a performance management approach in which a balance is sought between the objectives of employees and the objectives of an organization. The essence of Peter Drucker ’s basic principle: Management By Objectives is to determine joint objectives and to provide feedback on the […]


Shine: The Entrepreneur's Journey

What is an Entrepreneur? It is different things to different people. The Entrepreneur’s Journey was a collaborative film project produced by BIZNIK. The project began on May 6, 2009 when 12 video crews and over 400 entrepreneurs gathered in Seattle’s largest film production studio to share why they work long hours, for low pay, facing […]


Developing SMART goals will enable you to be successful

With the New Year approaching, most of us start thinking about setting goals. While I won’t disagree that setting goals are important, it is more important that you set goals that achievable and that won’t be lost in the first few months of the year. That is what happens to most goals, as they slip […]