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While everyone has their own thoughts about everything about screenmaking, there are Best Practices in place that will work for everyone if followed correctly. by Bill Hood, ASDPT

Apparently lots of people think that starting a business is easy. In the U.S. alone, some 800,000 individuals start a new business each year, and 80-percent fail within a year. The

I am a serial entrepreneur, having started more businesses than most. It helps that I am a serious workaholic, arising as early as 4:30 a.m. and often working until 1:00 a.m. the f

If you are among the many who have problems exposing stencils, this article will explain how to put an end to the stress that you are going through. Become a fly on the wall as we

Every business owner is continuously asking themselves, “How can I keep growing my business?” Most learn early on that the answer is to take good care of your existing cust

Have you ever purchased a product that stated on the label: 1 U.S. Gallon, but when opened it wasn’t quite full? Sure you have – it happens all the time. The question i

What do Band-Aids and screenprinting have in common? While the textile segment of the screenprinting industries may not hold the record for the usage of the term “Put a Band-

A Best Practice is defined as a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means and is used as a benchmark. In addition, a "best

The selection of shore, which is measure of the hardness of the polyurethane squeegee blade expressed in terms of 1 to 100. This article shows the results of different squeegee Sho

It is extremely difficult in screenprinting to create a specific color of ink on the press, and expect that it will exactly match the print from a previous job. It is impossible fo

Emergencies, by their nature, are unpredictable. When they happen, they can derail your financial stability. A sudden illness or accident, unexpected job loss, or even a surprise h

This morning I received an email from a vendor that read, “Dear Friend! Our prices are going up. Take advantage of our current prices now before the price increase!” Th

Screenprinting is a manufacturing process. In the end, it really should be about what is most efficient, effective, and economically viable (commonly described as the “3-Es&#

Have you noted small, hard particles of plastisol ink on the screen? Perhaps you have noted that the ink does not clear the mesh completely, and there seemed to be ink particles st

Heat Detector A heat detector can help resolve issues with curing in a conveyor oven. You simply set the minimum and maximum temperature range and when the dryer goes above or belo

In almost every class I have taught, or seminar I have given about screenprinting, someone will ask a question regarding squeegee hardness and ask if they need to invest in a durom

If you are having trouble aligning T-shirts on your press so that they are centered and horizontal on the shirts, the problem may be in how you are attempting the alignment process

For decades screenprinters have used a 5 to 10 power folding loupe for inspecting and analyzing their prints, the quality of the stencil, the edge definition of the print, the surf

I am often asked about the ink transfer process. The question usually comes from a textile printer who is trying to print thick white plastisol ink. Of course, without knowledge of

Reduce Production Costs With the Right Strategy Every screenprinting shop should be concerned with lowering costs. If you are currently using stretch-and-glue (SAG) frames in a com

Management Software for Printing and Related Industries Obviously every shop has unique needs when it comes to management software. There is a multitude of software programs availa

Before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the worldwide unemployment rate was the lowest since the late 1960s. With so many businesses unable to financially weather the pandemic, that l

Screens must be properly exposed to ensure maximum durability on the press. Underexposure is often the culprit when screens break down prematurely, especially with water-based inks

Advanced Diagramming Software I use diagrams almost daily in consulting with my clients. The reason is simply that my clients, like most people, are visual learners, and supplying

No printer sets out to print an image with the incorrect color match, to make two or more squeegee strokes to achieve opacity, or in the case of printing on a textile substrate hav

How strange it is that so many people resist change, only to be left behind as innovation and technology race ahead. People tend to reject any theory that varies from the beliefs t

If you are a screenprinter there is no doubt that on those long days you experience pain in your hands and wrists. You are not alone! This is a common complaint from screenprinters

Quite often, we find items with a thickness that looks like high-density screenprinting, but with extremely fine detail that belies the process of high-density printing. We can fin

While the screenprinting process, which is part of the printmaking process, is full of problems, the top topic is often the spelling of the process itself. There has been confusion

Since 1884 when screenprinting was invented, it has been at the forefront of printed methods, yet it remains an anomaly to those outside of the industry. It is time to wake the wor

Creating beautiful prints is an art that can be learned. It becomes more difficult if one does not invest in the right software, and lose the enthusiasm for attempting to save a fe

Stop Buying Pressure Washers When What You Need is a Better Pump Let’s face it, it seems that most pressure washers only last so long. The reason is that most screenprinters buy

Low Tension Could Be Causing More Problems Than You Think If you are currently having problems with ink transfer, making multiple strokes, have rough ink finishes, uneven color con

The most basic lesson one can learn in life is how to respect others and gain their respect. We live within a world in which societal norms – each with their unique culture,

Every new car that you buy comes with an owner’s manual that gives specific information about the car. The exact amount of air to put in the tires in the summer or winter, wh

Are you currently offering no art charges, no setup fees, and free shipping and thinking that the public actually believes you? If so, you could actually lower your prices, build t

Are you still printing on the platens that came with your press and do not have rubber platen tops, then this article will explain how you can benefit from rubber tops and what mat

What happens to your revenue when you make a small change in production? You might be surprised to find that a very small change can make a huge difference at the end of the year.

Every screenprinter needs tools! Now that I have said that, my addiction to buying the necessary tools doesn’t seem so bad. I have spent quite a bit of money over the years buyin

Our search for knowledge usually takes us to the Internet. However, the Internet has spawned at least two generations of disinformation, since the first message was delivered by AR

The curing process of plastisol ink is simple. During the curing process, the plastic resin is heated and opens up to absorb the liquid plasticizer. As the resin cools it once agai

Why Use Cross Hair Registration Marks? Let’s begin with a question. Why are register marks used to align the stencils on a multicolor job? by Bill Hood, ASDPT Fellow and SPTR

I am often asked about the true purpose of degreasing and if it will really eliminate pinholes. It seems that there are a number of individuals who, perhaps, on a budget-minded phi


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