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asdpt-lapel-pinAcademy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies

The next time you are at an industry trade show, look closely at the lapels of other attendees and you might notice a small lapel pin with the letters ASDPT.

Those who wear this pin are a very prestigious group that selfishly serves those in the screenprinting, digital, and associated imaging technologies. They do so on a daily basis throughout the year, by answering questions of those in need, responding to mail, serving on committees, reviewing papers written by industry authors, writing technical papers, judging the annual Golden Image awards, presenting seminars, and speaking at conferences. More than likely, if you are a member of any screenprinting or digital printing social media group you have been helped by an ASDPT member. And, they do this without remuneration or recognition.

Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies

Established in 1973 by the Board of Directors of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT) and is commonly referred to as “The Academy” is an international body of experts, which recognizes and honors individuals through election to the membership for their distinguished, long-term contributions to the technical growth and advancement of the screen and digital printing and associated imaging technologies. Academy Members represent the highest level of technological expertise in the screenprinting technologies. Recognized authorities in their field, Academy members are nominated and elected to the Academy on the basis of their demonstrated ability and willingness to assist in the betterment of the industry.

Academy members are from all segments of the specialty graphic imaging and related industries and include authors, chemists, commercial printers, consultants, corporate managers, educators, engineers, fine art printers, inventors, journalists, manufacturers, marketers, production managers, researchers, suppliers, technicians and more. They are an international group, with members from the world over, including, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States of America.

Academy members regularly submit, review, recognize and recommend technical papers for publications under the auspices of the Academy. ASDPT members are also active in providing technical education, consultation, adjudication of printing image quality, and the promotion of the technical and commercial development of the industry.

Purpose of the Academy

To promote and encourage the growth and development of the specialty graphic imaging technologies of both screenprint and digital printing through technical writings, training, the personal contribution of time, teaching, training, developing new methodologies, and other means of fostering knowledge and technologies that will add value to SGIA members. And, to honor members of the Academy for their contributions to the industry and actively seek new members worthy of this Academy honor.

Academy Standing Committees

The Membership Committee focuses on recruiting and selecting the best technical people in the world and to encourage a worldwide vision that will result in an organization with international recognition and influence.

The Technical Writing Review Board (TWRB) reviews writings to be published in the name of the Academy, and to be nominated for voting.

The Librarian and Press Service Committee focuses on the international needs of the Academy. Committee members scan English and other language publications of the industry and make its findings available to the Academy members.

The Marketing and Branding Committee focuses on developing strategies and employing tactical initiatives to increase brand recognition of the Academy.

Swormstedt Award

The Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award is presented annually by the ASDPT members to the author(s) of an article or book written on any aspect of screenprinting or graphic imaging and published in the previous calendar year. Any member of the SGIA can submit an article or book for consideration of the Swormstedt awards.

Academy members are tasked with reading and voting on submitted articles and books written on aspects of screenprinting and digital printing, published during the previous year. Members choose winners by categories and one author is presented a Swormstedt Best in Class Award in each category. From the winners of the Best in Class Awards, one winner is recognized for their excellence in technical writing ability and exceptional industry insight. This individual is presented with the prestigious David Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award.

David Swormstedt, Sr. joined Signs of the Times (ST) Publishing in 1937 and eventually became president of the company, and later ST Media Group, which brought us Screen Printing Magazine in 1953. Swormstedt was instrumental in founding two industry associations that still thrive today: The Specialty Graphics Imaging Association (founded in 1949 as the Screen Process Printing Association) and The International Sign Association (founded in 1944 as the National Electric Sign Association). For his dedication, the SGIA created The Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award.

Golden Image Awards

The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s Golden Image Awards celebrate industry-leading excellence in specialty imaging. Entries in 53 categories are submitted from companies around the world and evaluated by an elite team of imaging professionals during the SGIA Expo. The Golden Image competition is judged on the technical accomplishments of each entry, excluding aesthetic issues from the evaluation and scoring process. Prints are judged on the level of difficulty and quality of execution. The Golden Image Award recognizes the highest quality printers who achieve remarkable control and ability. Only the best in the industry are awarded this prestigious honor.

Members of the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies are tasked with voting and selecting the annual Golden Image “Best of Show” winner during the SGIA annual exposition.

Academy Nominations

The Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies, composed of leading technical authorities in the specialty graphics industry, selects new members based on their demonstrated ability and willingness to assist in the advancement of the screen and/or digital industry. Formal induction takes place during SGIA’s annual convention.


This photo of Academy Members was taken at the Academy Meeting during the SGIA Expo in 2018. From left to right, Top Row: Bruce Ridge, Jacek Stencel, Alan Howe, Ray Greenwood, Charlie Taublieb, Neil Bolding, David Eisenbeiss, Tim Quinn, Steve Duccilli, Glenn Shull, James Ortolani, Scott Fresener, Laura Maybaum, Lon Winters, Johnny Shell, Greg Kitson, Andy MacDougall, Marci Kinter. Second Row: Graeme Richardson-Locke, Don Newman, Rick Mandel, Richard Greaves, Mike Ruff, Vince Cahill, Nancy Gray, Mark Coudray, Art Dobie, Rick Davis, Sylve Ericsson, Bill Hood, and David Dennings. Also present for the meeting, but not included in the photo were Debbie Thorp and Michel Caza.

Members of the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies
by Date of Induction

Since it’s beginning 1973, the Academy Members have inducted 131 individuals into the Academy. Of that number 69 are currently Ad-Rem Members who are actively engaged on a day-to-day basis in the screen and digital printing industries. Member-Ad Finem members are primarily composed of the Academy members who less actively involved with the Academy.

Ray Rueby

Robert Fossett

Bert Zahn

Albert Kosloff

James Black
Gary Duke

Richard Gore

Donald Marsden
Joe Ulano

Andre Peyskens

Don Newman
Richard Greaves

Donald  Sloan

Geoff McCue
Wim ZoomerMarshall Atkinson
Ray Weiss
Roberto González Ojeda
John Key

Larry Rogers

Peter Terry
Elmar Messerschmitt

Marvin Page

Paul Schretter
No inducteesLorenz Boegli

Terry Kaiserman

Mike Ukena
James Ortolani

Johnny Shell

Ad Versteeg
Stan Cygan

Frank Mayer

Leonard Knopf
Michel Caza

John Crawford

Michael Domberger
No inducteesRobert Bellemare

Dan Gilsdorf

Bron Wolff
Andy Anderson

Jim Raymont

Samir Sadikoglu
E.J. Kyle

Joseph Podgor

K. James Reed
Sylve Ericsson

Ron Mason

David Swormstedt, Jr.
Umberto Brasa

Bela Daranyi

Willi Dornbierer
Denise Breard

Dawn Hohl

Sam T. Ingram
Sergiy Glushko

Artem Nadirashvili

Lon Winters
Merv Mason

Hans Gerd-Scheer

Fred Switzer
Richard Eisenbeiss

Harold Johnston

Mortimer Taylor
Frank Blanco

J. Page Crouch

Norman Wolcott
Joe Raymond

Bruce Ridge

Charlie Taublieb
Vince Cahill

David Eisenbeiss
Rich Hoffman
Gene Krupinski

Edward Meissner

Dale Sloan
Tamas Frecska

Hugh Lavell

Jan Van Duppen
Scott Fresener

Walter Frick

Charles Leach
D.L. Dutch Drehle

Herman G. Haffner

Mike Ruff
Steve Duccilli

Nancy Gray

Ray Greenwood
Frank Porth

Nat Velardi

Robert Webster
Eberhard Lendle

Vincent Mace

John Sperry
Joe Clarke

Rick Mandel
Dave DenningsRoss Balfour

Greg Kitson

Jacek Stencil
Harmut Buchel

Ralph Karsten

Shizuo Murakami
Wolfgang Pfirrmann

Mike Young
Neil Bolding

Pei Guifan

Andy MacDougal
Bill Hood

Tim Quinn

Debbie Thorp
Robert Gold

Gene Landesman

Sue Frecska
Rick Davis

Marci Kinter

Art Dobie
Guido Lengwiler

Guy Masse

Laura Maybaum

Ralph Rhein

Devang Sheth

Targian Tan
Alan Howe

Graeme Richardson-Locke
Mark Coudray

Edward Shaffer

Chuck Tibbetts
Alan Anderson

Glenn Shull

Alex Zuckerman
Bhargav MistryMark Gervais
Beppe Quaglia
Brian Hoag


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