A shortlist of the most common types of work, for which we are called upon…


Consulting with your pre-defined goals in mind for problem-solving


Planning of new operations or expansion of existing operations

Plant Review

Review of the printing operation to achieve effectiveness


Mentoring to developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance growth


Coaching of management in critical areas to provide knowledge


Operational efficiency consulting to identify areas of inefficiency


Training program to optimize performance and enhance staff skill sets


Reduction of waste and costly downtime to increase productivity

Onsite Consulting

Consulting and training at your location to enhance knowledge and skills in order to improve quality, productivity, and overall efficiency while reducing production cost.

Virtual Consulting

We will work with your set objectives using telephone, email and/or video conferencing to provide you with the knowledge you need to be more efficient and effective.

Company Retreat

Removal from the many outside distractions for a sufficient length of time to contemplate strategic issues, including the team’s skills development.

Layout / Workflow

No matter the size of your operation you need to have a layout and workflow that provides you the opportunity to cut waste and increase production and revenue.

Problem Resolution

When you have a problem that needs to be resolved quickly we will assist you so that you can get back to work. No guesses – just honest and unbiased answers.

Process Assessment

Let us help you assess your performance against best practice and industry benchmarks for overall improvement. Based on your market, needs and resources.

Project Management

We serve as an extension of your management team, ensuring effectiveness. We believe in blending the latest techniques with proven methods.


Members have access to our Support Center, where we provide answers to questions as needed.


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Satisfied Clients






What others are saying about us...

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Ron Vinyard, BBC Industries Pacific, MO

"Bill trained our staff on-site with excellent results. We learned everything we needed from Bill in an engrossing hands-on presentation. He is knowledgeable, patient and creative. His competence and communication skills make Bill a delight to work with."

Danny Sweems, M&R Printing Equipment Roselle, Illinois

"Bill Hood is an established professional with extensive experience in the print industry. His knowledge base and connectivity makes him a good fit for any potential client looking for quality talent."

John Schexnayder, Action Screen Graphics Austin, Texas

"I have known and worked with Bill for over 30 years. He has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge of the screenprinting business and its operations. I highly recommend Bill, not only for his experience but also for his professional approach to problem-solving. A great guy to work with."

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