Hello, Bill Hood here! I believe that for a screenprinter to be truly successful you need to be knowledgeable about the screenprinting technologies. I believe that you need to know both the why and the how of a task in order to do it well. I believe that knowledge is more powerful than experience, because what good is 30 years or more of doing a task if you have been doing it wrong all along. I believe in challenging the status quo — in thinking differently — to reach the pinnacle of success, knowing that to reach that peak, one must first make an effort to climb above all else.

Since 1967, I’ve worked with more than 8,000 high achievers within the screenprinting technologies, who are chasing clarity over what they want and strategies to go and achieve it as fast as possible. My goal is to get them where they want to be not only faster, but with more clarity, confidence, and determination. I provide the answers to their problems, which expands their world exponentially.

My services are for people who are ready to make things happen, innovators and visionaries that are determined to create phenomenal success.

I know screenprinting. I am a partner, champion, sounding board, catalyst, coach, challenger, and chief accountability officer, dedicated to making the screenprinting process work better and ensuring that my clients actualize their goals using their own inner wisdom, intelligence, and values.


Having spent my entire life learning every aspect of the screenprinting technologies; as a business owner many times over and as a practitioner in a variety of segments in the screenprinting field, today I mentor business owners and their staff in efficiency and productivity.

  • I work with high achievers who are determined to create phenomenal success.
  • I am highly emphatic and caring, but challenging.
  • My goal is to help you define your success and make it happen.
  • I always act in a manner that I would if your business was my own and you are never just a client.
  • All you need to do is enter the partnership with enthusiasm, an open mind, and the willingness to take action.

Areas of Specialty

A short list of the most common types of work, for which I am called upon…

  • Consulting with a goal of problem-solving
  • Operational efficiency consulting to identify areas of inefficiency
  • Review of the printing operation to achieve effectiveness
  • Mentoring to developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance growth
  • Coaching of management in critical areas to provide knowledge
  • Planning of new operations or expansion of existing operations
  • Training program to optimize performance and enhance staff skill sets
  • Reduction of costly downtime to increase productivity

Let’s Talk

All consulting projects begin with a conversation. If you’re intrigued by the idea of making big, bold, amazing things happen in your life and career, then it’s time to talk. I work with people all over the world by phone, Skype, and in-person sessions, providing custom-tailored programs to your goals and needs.

If you believe that you can benefit from working with me, I'd love to hear from you. Let's talk!


Let us help you grow your business.
Our team can help you with your goals in
becoming efficient, effective and producing
consistent, predictable and repeatable quality

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