Geoff McCue

Digital Products Manager, Kiwo

“Like steel sharpening steel, Bill is a great resource for information and improvement! One of the most learned men in our industry, he is always up for suggestions, questions or a rowdy debate! I strongly recommend Bill!”

Rich Hoffman

CEO of M&R Sales and Service

“Bill is one of those rare individuals that gives his all in an industry he loves. Bill’s knowledge and compassion are matched by few if any.”

Danny Sweem

VP Screenprint Sales, Rutland Plastic Technologies, Inc.

“Bill Hood is an established professional with extensive experience in the print industry. His knowledge base and connectivity makes him a good fit for any potential employer looking for quality talent.”

Ryan Moor

President, Ryonet

“Bill’s been in the industry a long time and really knows his stuff, he’s a great person to learn from!”

Andy Anderson

President, Anderson Studios

“Bill’s knowledge and technical expertise of screenprinting is invaluable to printers like us. I would recommend him for any future work or projects that could use his expertise”

Ron Vinyard

President, Black Body Corporation, Inc.

“Bill trained our staff on-site with excellent results. We learned the basics we needed from Bill in an entertaining and engrossing hands-on presentation. He is knowledgeable, patient and creative. His competence and communication skills make Bill a delight to work with.”

Deborah Nelson

President, AdStuff Marketing

“I have known Bill Hood over the course of 35 years, and I am quite sure there isn’t enough room to here to say all the good things about him. He is diligent and cheerful in a job that is often a selfless labor of love. Lately, we have come together to work on a major creative project, and he is, once again, a joy, and a delight to work with. Bill is multi-talented and intelligent; as well as efficient in whatever he endeavors to do. It is an honor to connect with and work with Bill!”

Mark Coudray

Coudray Graphic Technologies

“I’ve known and worked with Bill for more than twenty years. His expert knowledge and understanding of the screenprinting process, combined with his excellent educational skill sets him apart from others in his field. He is a creative and skillful problem solver capable of solving just about any production related issue in our industry. I would recommend Bill without reservation”

Mark Granberry

President, Graphic Solutions Group, Inc.

“Bill is very knowledgeable about the screenprinting industry from the actual printing to selling a printed piece. He is well aware of what it takes to successfully print and pays special attention to improving productivity.”

John Schexnayder

President, Action Screen Graphics

“I entered the screenprinting business over 20 years ago and have known Bill almost that long. He has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge of the screenprinting business and its operations. I highly recommend Bill, not only for his experience, but also for his professional approach to problem solving. A great guy to work with.”

Michael Robertson

CEO, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

“Bill is an active leader in the screenprinting community and a strong supporter of SGIA. He is well known for his teaching and eagerness to share ideas with others. His consulting services are highly valued. We’re fortunate to have Bill working with us.”

Jesse Burkhart

Owner, Textile Print Shop, Austin, Texas

“Bill, I got the One Hit White down! It’s so much faster and the quality of the print is a lot better. Thanks again!”

Sarah Erasmus

Erasmus Apparel, Yellowknife, Canada

“I came to the Bill wanting to learn everything there is to know about screenprinting. I am in the process of opening a shop and I saved money and time before I even pushed my first squeegee! There wasn’t any info that I thought was a waste of time. I could have stayed for a month and still learned. Bill got me to look more at the bigger picture and it has / will mean all the difference. Thanks for everything and more! I will be in touch.”

Evan Webster

Owner, Webster Ink, Brookline, MA

“It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m headed back to Boston after a great couple days in Austin, TX. While seeing friends, eating great Tex-Mex and kayaking were great, the highlight of the weekend was the School of Screenprinting workshop.

“There were three other participants which allowed for a really in-depth and personal presentation of the advanced techniques and science that were covered. And there was an amazing amount of math and science which I took note of and plan to implement at our shop in Brookline.

“Besides a flabbergastingly large amount of technical learning, there was also a lot of creative thinking. For anyone in the apparel printing industry I’d recommend the workshop, run by Bill Hood and called the “School of Screenprinting”. I’m very excited to get back to printing great quality apparel in Brookline!

“Many people are quite reluctant to pay money for professional development. I’m no exception, I’m probably the most reluctant of anyone I know. But attending this workshop really showed me that doing such types of education is an investment in one’s self and in their business. Just make sure it is a good investment by doing your due diligence to find someone who is a true master in your field. This applies to any industry or business; there’s no need to re-invent the wheel when there are people out there to teach you how to do it. Go out there and learn something new, your business will thank you.”

Tance Hughes

Owner, Southern Designs, Vidalia, Louisiana

“I learned a lot of valuable screen prep information. Very in depth information that will help me greatly increase profits and quality of work. Tons of great images and demonstrations that help the visual learner pick up quicker. Bill went into great detail describing the why and the HOW of the process. This class was worth the money and time to attend and included great material. GREAT workshop. Really loved everything about it and would HIGHLY recommend the School of Screenprinting to anyone!”

A few days after the workshop, Tance wrote:

“Bill, I have achieved wet-on-wet printing on a two color job and I am thrilled with how fast this is making production go [without having to flash]. I am already putting some of the things I learned to work at our shop. Can’t wait to try out the Newman Roller Frames, maybe then I can really achieve better prints. Thanks so much for your help.”

Tance wrote this on a forum in November 2010, 10 months after attending:

“It was very good training. We learned the ins and outs of WHY things work as they do and how that would save us money and increase quality and production. One of the most important things I took from that workshop was that I needed to start assembling my own screens (Newman Rollers) and it has tremendously helped our business. I attended in February of this year, and even though I learned a lot, I still have a lot to learn. We are constantly referring back to the book we received at the workshop for questions that pop up every day. The workshop is really worth it – AS LONG AS YOU ACTUALLY APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN! Bill is a great teacher, and I highly recommend the workshop.”

Knowledge is the Key

Note: this was written on Tance’s Blog on December 8, 2010, after we had visited with him for two days solving some of the issues that had been plaguing the shop.

“We just finished one of the (if not the) most important training and learning sessions in our shop’s history. We had the privilege of having Bill Hood come to our shop for two days to help correct some issues we had been having in the printing process. Bill is one of the world’s top screen printing consultants and to take in all of the knowledge he shared with us in those two days almost has my mind overloaded.

“I attended Bill’s School of Screenprinting back in February of this year in Austin, Texas and learned lots of valuable information. Since that time, we had upgraded to an automatic press, increased our work volume, and made many strides in quality and speed. When a few of our recent problems appeared again, we immediately knew who to call.

“Bill shared with us many processes that will enhance the quality and speed of our production and save money and cut costs at the same time. Not only did Bill teach us many great things about screen printing and business, but he taught us to think about things. If you have a problem, find the root and think “OK, where can I fix the problem in the chain of events so that it doesn’t happen again?” Learn to think, and think to learn.

“His concepts made sense. By finding what causes problems, we can learn how to fix the root of it so that it doesn’t keep popping up again and again.

“We consider the time and money spent on this endeavor as an investment into our business. Everyone here is striving to work smarter, not harder.

“Thank you Bill for your time and efforts, we greatly appreciate it!”

Danny Lopez

Owner, Print Shop, Laredo, Texas

Great communicator, Very knowledgeable, Caring for our success, Gives info on not just how by why, listened and was fair, True to self and other, Great value for information and ongoing mentorship. Thanks Bill, I know this will greatly improve my shop and hopefully the way I think. – Danny Lopez

Kasey Mazzone

Print Buyer and Overseer of Production

“Extensive knowledge shared, Very open – answered every question, Connections in the industry, awareness of who was great, Detailed technical explanations, Loved the concepts used – worked to get the “why” way to do things. Bill, your expertise was very much appreciated. You have forgotten more than I think I will ever know.”

Theresa Franks

Owner, InkSpot Prints & Graphics

“We are looking forward to the New Year and utilizing the knowledge we gained from your school. We have already had some amazing results using the information we’ve gained!”

Donna Lamm

Industry Veteran and Print Shop Owner

“This was the most informative and technical workshop that I have ever attended. After 30 years of printing I finally understand what it is that I need to do to make a huge difference in our shop. The industry is full of myths and erroneous information. I actually did not know how wrong I was until I attended this course.”

Sam and Maryanne Kronz

Industry Veterans and Print Shop Owners

“Our goal of understanding the screenprinting process was completely achieved. Our entire staff attended and in retrospect this was a great idea. Now we are all on the same page and can move our shop to a much higher level.

Joe Bennett

Press Operator

“There was lots of good information in this seminar on how to improve productivity, providing the attendees with access to proven techniques that really work. I saw this as the beginning of a professional relationship rather than a one-off, take-it-or-leave-it seminar that many others present. All of the information presented related well to both manual and automatic printing.”

Jeff Pullen

Print Shop Owner

“This class was a life saver. Basic CPR: Consistency, Productivity and Reproducible! Great keys to run your shop by. We learned this and so much more. We are going to send all of our new employees to the this school so that we can get them up and running with the latest and greatest in technology.”

Jeffrey DeAngelo, Sr.

Print Shop Owner

“This was a very informative workshop. I enjoyed learning from Bill’s years of experience and his shared knowledge was full of great tips and tricks. His way of explaining the process was very easy to understand. Thanks, Bill, for your time and energy to present this class.”

Jeffrey attended the class with his two grown son’s who are in business with him.

Davis Rodgers

Print Shop Owner

“This workshop made me aware of the many things that we have doing wrong for over 15 years. Now we better understand the critical aspects of the screenprinting process and how to implement these into our shop, easily and inexpensively.”

Bob and Joy Schweitzer

Print Shop Owners

“After nine years in screenprinting this workshop was a huge eye opener for us. We had been doing so much wrong, it is a wonder that we were still in business after 9 years. We expect to make a great number of changes immediately. In fact, we changed our squeegee technique and are producing twice as many shirts on the manual press as before. We paid for the class in the savings from just one day of production.”

Miles Sherrod

Novice Print Shop Owner

“As a complete beginner in the screenprinting business, I had my reservations about attending the workshop. I had mistakenly believed that I should have some experience before taking the class. I was wrong. I would have spent years of making every mistake in the book. In fact, the book that was recommend by people on the boards was a complete waste of time after attending this workshop.”

Marion Shepard

Veteran Print Shop Owner

“Now I know why we have so many problems we have experienced over the last 20 years and now I know how to correct them. The best part of attending the workshop is the amount of confidence I now have to tackle the process and render it mine!

Surenda Patel

Veteran Print Shop Owners, Hyderbad India

“We came all the way from India to attend the class, as we could not find a class in all of India that would teach us the technical aspects of screenprinting. We wanted to learn more than just the basics of the process. We loved the class. We wouldn’t change a thing about the way it was presented. Bill made everything fun and exciting. He was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough in explaining every detail. We knew that there were variables in the screenprinting process and like so many others we just accepted them as unchangeable. Now we have so many things under control that screenprinting is actually easy and fun.”

April Kramer

Veteran Print Shop Owner – Seneca, KS

“This class was a really great reminder of how important each step of the process really is. Making the decision to drive down to Texas and attend your class was one of the best I’ve ever made. It was truly one of the biggest eye openers of my life! Education has been the key to every great success of my life, and now I feel as though I have a great foundation to build my screenprinting BUSINESS on. I look forward to spending more time with you in the future and appreciate your teaching efforts through the School of Screenprinting. Right now I am a bit overwhelmed with information, but still very excited about implementing my new knowledge into my business.”

Cindy Dalrymple

Novice Print Shop Owner, Burnet, TX

“I enjoyed being able to ask any question at any time and get the right answer. It is important for me to figure out why I’m doing something and it makes it nice to fill in missing pieces as the course goes on. Not all instructors allow students to go off track.”

Richard Bell

Novice Print Shop Owner, Denton, TX

“I enjoyed the class very much and look forward to attending again after I get some experience under my belt. Bill is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. The concepts were well explained and the hands on parts were well done.”

Thanh Lavallee

Veteran Screen Printer, Austin, TX

“This class has taught me to internalize more and question what I am doing now as a printer and what I can do to become a better printer. I learned to ask how I can help myself and my empl0yer excel in production. I learned that I can help in cost savings, especially by understanding now how downtime effects the overall production.

“I learned some new printing techniques, how to apply foil, cost savings tips and more about how production runs. I was amazed by the foil application as it was something new to me. I learned that pushing [the squeegee] is much easier than pulling. Always having been a puller I will have to learn to adjust to becoming a push printer. I’ve been comfortable as a puller for years and can’t give any guarantees I will full convert to pushing, but I am going to give it a try on short manual runs to see if I can become comfortable printing with the push.

“I really respect that Bill has shared so much information with others. Bill has a great passion for the screenprinting process and the industry. He obviously cares about the people who attend the workshop and gives up so much great information without misleading or guiding them towards specific products. I was extremely grateful for this opportunity. I would be very interested in attending the Advanced Workshop that is presented as well as coming back to this workshop as a refresher and to help retain more information that I may have missed.”

Amber and Troy Dill

Novice Print Shop Owners, Stigler, OK

“I came into this class yesterday without any knowledge of the screenprinting process. I am leaving today with so much valuable information. Information and advice that I could not have received anywhere else. In the two days, I have retained enough information to actually go home and begin shopping for the equipment I need to start my own screenprinting business. It’s unbelievable the amount of knowledge I am able to take home with me. Your personal interaction and personality made this class such a pleasure to be a part of. I will forever be grateful for you sharing your years of experience.” – Amber Dill

“I came to this class without any interest in screenprinting. I came to support my wife in her interest in the class. But now, I am excited about supporting her in her new adventure. The class was very informing and I was impressed by your knowledge of screenprinting and other subjects.” – Troy Dill

Wendy Donald and Brandon Goodwin

Novice Print Shop Owners, Houston, TX

“The class was informative and enjoyable. The only constructive feedback I have to offer is perhaps have a class for those who have no knowledge of printing breaking it up as beginners, some knowledge, and advanced. A video would have been nice in the beginning of the class so there would be some point of reference for the instructional and language of the process of printing. You have a delightful personality and I absolutely love the fact that you don’t censor yourself – Power to Free Speech. With great appreciation.” – Wendy Donald

“The class had definitely taught me a lot in the last 18 hours. I feel like you covered the basics well, but we might have had too many people in the class, which led to not being able to focus on the entry level. I look forward to returning to learn more from your classes and tune my skills.” – Brandon Goodwin

Matt and Dylan Davis

Novice Print Shop Owners, Arlington, TX

“The class was very good. I learned a lot! I would recommend this class to anyone. I am looking forward to getting my equipment and starting.” – Dylan Davis

“As someone who has very little experience with screenprinting, I found the workshop very informative. The printing process was thoroughly covered from start to finish in a manner that was easy to follow, even for a beginner such as myself. Bill is friendly, approachable, and full of knowledge. The environment was comfortable and fun. The workshop was well worth the money and I would be glad to come back again.” – Matt Davis

Note: Brothers Matt and Dylan came to the class came to the workshop with the goal of opening a screenprinting business in the near future. One brother had printed a bit and the other had yet to print at all. They had spent months viewing every screenprinting related forum, videos on YouTube and visiting with local screenprint suppliers, but still knew that they needed to attend a workshop to get a good idea on the process from start to finish, including some hands-on experience. Today, they are an automatic shop cranking out huge numbers and making money in the industry.

Lisa and Shane Barge

Novice Print Shop Owners, New Waverly, TX

“This class has been very informational. This will help us be successful in the business. I left a little confused on the first day, but you cleared it up on the second day. The class was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for all your help. I hope to come back.” – Lisa Barge

“I really enjoyed the class. I thought, being a complete rookie, that it was a lot of info to cover in a short time period, but it was very informational and a good “hands-on” experience. Seriously, my wife and I want to come back and possibly bring her sister who is a future employee. I would definitely recommend your class to others.” – Shane Barge

Note: Lisa and Shane Barge are a couple who attended the workshop together. They have been working with other screenprinters and wanted to start their own screenprinting company to eliminate the problems of delivery, consistency and pricing. Today, they have an automatic and are busy with their new career.

Donna Anderson

Novice Print Shop Owner, Elm Grove, LA

“This class has really been so much more than what I thought it would be. I came to this class having only done one job and didn’t know what I really needed to do. I learned a lot of short cuts, tips on how to properly hold my squeegee, how to figure separation in the artwork. I have really enjoyed the class. Thank you!”

Mendel Markel

Markolis Printing

Note: Mendel has not attended the School of Screenprinting. Mendel of Markolis Printing started screenprinting June 03, 2010 and by mid-August he was ready to lay his squeegee aside. He found one of our videos on YouTube and after following the advice given there he has this to say on his website. We couldn’t have asked for a better testimonial and decided to publish it here.

I was having lots of trouble with certain prints. I use the Ryopaque high opacity plastisol inks, which are a fairly thick ink. The white plastisol is especially thick. What was happening is that when I would do passes some ink would remain in the image in certain spots. When I tried to do additional passes with the squeegee to try to get it to go through, the ink would just build up in those spots in my screen and I would get a thick print that looked like something out of a volcano.

I tried out all of the classic advice: check your screen off-contact, check your squeegee angle, make sure your giving even pressure … all to no avail. No matter what I tried I was still getting the same problem. Mostly with the whites, but sometimes with the dark colors too. Just when I was ready to throw in my screen printed towel I came across a YouTube channel that changed my screen printing life forever. It was in the form of a gentleman called Bill Hood.

Bill Hood runs a screen printing consulting company and the School of Screen Printing and he claimed that people were being taught completely wrong. He promised to show the right way to do it that would result in no ink stuck in the screen and you will get sharp detailed prints every time. He also promised that with this method, you will be able to print in one pass, with no flash cure – including whites!!!

Frankly I found his cocky claims very hard to believe. If what he was saying was true, I could cut my printing time in less than half, besides  being done with the problem that had plagued me for weeks. How could it be that this guy who looks like Willy Nelson knows better than others out there? If he was gonna tell me how to be more country, I’d believe him, but this is screen printing. Besides, if it sounds too good to be true, it is – right? But I was at the end of my rope, I was frustrated with the growing pile of messed up T-shirts and had nothing to lose by trying his methods out.

Boy am I glad I did!

I used to have to print with at least two passes with dark inks and two passes, flash cure and two more passes with white high opacity ink. With his method, I am printing with one pass for dark inks and usually one pass with whites, rarely two on the whites, but never a flash cure needed. And what a great result too! Instead of a bunch of thin layers I’m getting one nice completely even layer with a very nice soft hand. I’m using less ink strangely. It seems when the coverage is so completely that you get a bright white without having to lay down as much ink. In addition, the fewer passes you have to do, the less chance of messing up shirts.

The basic principle is that you need to learn to do push strokes instead of pull strokes. The reason he gives (which actually makes good sense) is that when you push you have the sharp corner edge doing a much better job of shearing the ink from the top of the screen – but why hear it from me when you’s be so much better off hearing it from the source? Here’s one of his videos, but I’m also including a link to his channel and his websites because he has lots more you can learn from him besides for this one principle.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Bill Hood! A few minutes of listening to your sound advice has changed my stroke forever.

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