Welcome to the School of Screenprinting

  • We have been conducting training in all segments of the screenprinting technologies for over 50 years, and have trained thousands of individuals.
  • We can provide training at your location anywhere in the world.
  • Training sessions can be provided in English, Spanish, or in a multitude of languages through a local translator.
  • We can train your entire staff on-site.
  • We provide a Train-The-Trainer1 program, where we train individuals within your organization to assist in your own training program.
  • We can provide online training through the use of audio/visual conferencing software for a more cost-effective program.
  • We can build a custom training session based on your specific needs and expectations.
  • No matter what segment of the screenprinting technologies you operate within, you will benefit from our training sessions.
  • We provide tax-deductible Weekend Technical Retreats and Seminars at our location in sunny Cuernavaca, Mexico.


We Differentiate Our Brand

  • We are professional educators who have owned and operated several successful screenprinting shops over the past 52 years.
  • We provide comprehensive solutions to bring control to the screenprinting process.
  • We only work on your behalf to educate you.
  • We do not have products to sell to you, other than your education.
  • We do not accept payment from manufacturers or distributors to push any products toward you.
  • We provide only the current Best Practice methods in our training.
  • We do not use a canned presentation but provide a custom solution for your needs.
  • We answer all of your questions honestly and never make guesses.
  • Your instructor, Bill Hood, is a Fellow of the prestigious Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies.
  • We are the recipient of a Best in Class and a Swormstedt Award for Excellence in Technical Writing.

Below is a partial list of subjects that we have researched and written about in great detail. Any of these and others covering myriad subjects can be included in your screenprint training. Please let us know where you have problems and need more knowledge. We will work with you to implement a training program based on your individual needs, providing you with exactly what you need.

1. PrePress

  • What Can and Cannot be Printed
  • Art for Screenprinting
  • Film Positives and Output
  • Halftone Technologies
  • Correct Angles and Line Count
  • Prevention of Moiré
  • Pre-Registration Systems

2. Screenroom

  • Screenroom Design
  • Screenroom Equipment
  • Screenroom Lighting

3. Mesh

  • Screenprinting Applications
  • Choosing the Correct Mesh
  • Geometry of Mesh
  • Special Applications

4. Frame Systems

  • Different Frame Systems
  • Frame Size
  • Free Mesh Area
  • Golden Image Ratio of Image to Screen Size

5. Importance of Tension

  • Screenprinting Frame Systems
  • Tensioning Systems
  • Tensioning Technology
  • Measurement of Tension
  • Equipment

6. Stencil Preparation

  • Degreasing Techniques
  • Drying Uncoated Mesh
  • Improved Coating Techniques for Direct Emulsion
  • Applying Capillary Film
  • Drying the Coated Screen
  • Stencil Technology/Systems
  • Measuring Technologies
  • Computer to Screen Systems
  • Exposure Control

7. Stencil Development

  • Development Process
  • Drying the Stencil
  • Blocking and Taping the Stencil

8. Ink and Coatings

  • Ink Systems
  • Rheology
  • Opacity
  • Surface Texture

9. Press Setup

  • Optimizing the Printing Process
  • Geometric Parallel and Plane
  • Fill Blade
  • Squeegee
  • Off-Contact

10. Production

  • Setup of Multicolor Jobs
  • Color Sequence
  • Wet-On-Wet Printing
  • Process Printing
  • Flash Gel Units
  • Pressroom Efficiency

11. Curing and Drying

  • Types of Curing Units
  • Curing Process Explained
  • Setting Up the Dryer
  • Dryer Maintenance

12. Screen Reclamation

  • Ink Removal
  • Emulsion Removal
  • Retensioning
  • Degreasing

13. Health and Safety

  • Environment
  • Equipment
  • MSDS Documents

1. Train the trainer, sometimes referred to as TTT, is an education model whereby individuals identified to teach, mentor or train others attend training themselves. Some may already be educators or trainers and are supplementing or reinforcing their skills, while others are receiving training for the first time.

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