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Are you considering the opportunity to present classes in screenprinting? We can assist you in getting up and running with everything you need to start providing the highest quality of comprehensive factual information, training, Powerpoint presentation, illustrations, photos, talking points, workbooks, handouts, and certificates of completion. Click on the Description link below for details.


This opportunity is on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, You can check back after the pandemic has past to see if we are ready to offer the opportunity again.

Are you considering the opportunity to present classes in screenprinting? We can assist you in getting up and running with everything you need to start providing the highest quality of comprehensive factual information, training, Powerpoint presentation, illustrations, photos, talking points, workbooks, handouts, and certificates of completion.

About Us

Since 1965, we have provided well over 35,000 students the world over with excellent results in the screenprinting technologies. We have perfected our consumer model, with hundreds of photos and illustrations that assist in better understanding the screenprinting process. And, we have kept up with advancements in technology so that our model is the most comprehensive educational opportunity on the market.

When we first began offering seminars and workshops for the screenprinting technologies in 1965, screenprinting education was mostly taught by untrained personnel within each company or with brief workshops at distributors of screenprint products that were given by mostly inexperienced salespersons with a bias on their products. There were no businesses offering dedicated training for screenprinting. We were the first to begin non-product specific, unbiased training of those interested in becoming screenprinters or experienced screenprinters seeking to update their knowledge and skills. Today, we have trained well over 35,000 students in screenprinting. We virtually had no competition for the first 14 years of our business. In the past 55-years, since our founding, the demand for education services in the screenprinting technologies has only increased.

Today, the field of screenprinting education providers has become crowded. And, while many education brands have set out on the path that we paved, none benefit from the many years of operational refinement and brand awareness that we enjoy. Our knowledge is just one of the reasons we remain the leader in screenprinting education for all segments of the screenprinting technologies. We continue to train individuals throughout the world, in different languages through the use of translators.

How We Can Help You

We offer an opportunity for you to duplicate our success with your educational training program. What we offer is a comprehensive training package that allows you to be up and running with your educational training workshops in screenprinting in a much shorter time and with far less cost than you could build on your own.

This is not a franchise agreement, as we do not provide you the use of our trademark or other commercial symbols. We do not exercise any control or offer any assistance in the operation of your business. Nor do we require a royalty payment for a percentage of your financial revenue. You are free to operate your business in any way you desire, and with all the control, you need to sustain your growth.

• We provide the training for those who will be instructing students in the screenprinting process. The training covers all segments of the myriad screenprinting technologies. Remember that telling is not teaching. You cannot achieve the expectations of the students by simply telling them how you do things. They must learn how to fulfill their expectations that are unique to their circumstances. During the 5-day training, you will learn how to “teach others” rather than telling them how you do things.

• The Workbook that we use in our training is available as a private label product, branded with your company name and logo. These are available through printing-on-demand by our publisher in any quantity you require and at wholesale pricing direct from the publisher to you.

• A Powerpoint presentation of 325 slides branded with your company name

• The complete text of the presentation for review by the trainer

• A variety of handouts branded with your company name to present to your attendees

• Professional Certificate of Completion

Investment and Return

The one-time package price has no ongoing fees or royalties for the five items listed above.

The price of screenprinting education varies with the client requirements and the number of days of the presentation. In our case, we have always charged $495 per student, and our classes typically have between 5 and 20 students, with an overall average of 10 students. Surprisingly, the number of attendees did not decrease when we went to a weekly schedule of 3-day classes. The return-on-investment comes down to how much you charge multiplied by the number of employees and divided by the cost of the investment.

If you decided to charge $495 per student and worked just three days a week, you should be able to generate, on average, USD$21,285 per month or USD$255,420 per year. It all comes down to how much time you are willing to invest in your business.


A Pricing Example

There is a school in Mexico City that charges 594 times the local hourly minimum wage for their 5-day class, and their weekly classes of 10 students are always full. With the average minimum hourly wage in the USA at USD$7.25 their price equals a charge of USD$4,306.50 for a week of training. Thus, they are bringing in 14.4 times the average price that US citizens are willing to pay for education. Yet, their attendees have the same opportunities to learn through watching YouTube videos and through social media. The only difference is the value that the attendees place on the excellent training opportunity offered by the school. If you give your attendees the best education possible, you too can charge more for the classes.


The program is available year-round on any five consecutive days. Once you have purchased the program, we will work with you to set mutually agreeable dates for the training.


The program is held in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico about 1.5 hours south of Mexico City, Mexico. Cuernavaca is a modern metropolitan city with a semi-tropical climate. You can expect a median year-round temperature of 72˚F year-round. If you do not prefer Mexican food, we have P.F. Chang, Chili’s, Subway, and most of the typical USA franchises, as well. Accommodations can be made in 5-star hotels, including Holiday Inn, Fiesta Inn, and others, as well as bargain-based B&B’s.

Alternative Locations

While the cost of having your trainer travel to Cuernavaca, lodging, and per diem costs is considerably less expensive, we are flexible. We can bring this training directly to your facility through in-house at an additional cost to cover transportation cost and time, as well as lodging for the trainers. Contact us today to book a date, time, and location that is most convenient for you. The cost of alternative training at your location starts at an additional $5,000 and increases depending on travel distance and costs involved.


The training program and all resources are presented in English and can be translated into any other language using your own local translators.

Tax Incentive

If you are already in business, you may be able to write off (reduce) the entire cost of the program from your tax liability. Check with your CPA for details as they relate to your business.


This program is not an offer to sell a franchise. The program does not fall under the USA Federal Trade Commission’s rule on franchising, including the various state and provincial/territorial franchise sales laws.

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