Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentoree) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentoree’s professional growth.

The relationship leads to insight, decisions, planning, and action. It is widely used for professional development. It strengthens knowledge and skills and builds capability.

It is highly important that the mentoree has a great desire to develop his or her knowledge and skills in a particular area. A mentoree is the driver of the mentoring relationship.

The mentor acts as the guide and stimulates the mentoree’s reflection and actions for improved professional outcomes.

Mentors and mentorees are willing to become part of a supportive and diverse community of learners, open to sharing experience, vulnerability, and expertise.


  • Discover and develop your talents and skills
  • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Discuss your career aspirations and options
  • Set goals and strategies for achieving them
  • Receive feedback on your ideas
  • Receive encouragement and support
  • Gain a new or different perspective on study and career options
  • Be challenged, use talents and share expertise
  • Learn new skills and extend your knowledge and ability
  • Access a variety of resources
  • Gains from the mentor’s expertise
  • Receives critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills
  • Develops a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally within the organization
  • Learns specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to personal goals
  • Networks with a more influential employee
  • Gains knowledge about the organization’s culture and unspoken rules that can be critical for success; as a result, adapts more quickly to the organization’s culture
  • Has a friendly ear with which to share frustrations as well as successes

4 Top Reasons People Ask for Mentoring

The are many reasons why people look to mentoring to improve their business and lifestyle. These are the Top 4 Reasons that encounter most of the time.


Your efficiency is determined by the amount of time, money, and energy – resources – that are necessary to obtain the best results. As an example, if we are able to meet our daily production with less energy and fewer operators, we have operated more efficiently.


Effectiveness is determined by comparing what a process or plant can produce with what they actually produce; therefore, if we are successful in manufacturing more good products in the same time period, effectiveness will increase.


The foundation of everything you do is the need for Consistency, Predictability and Repeatability Quality (CPR). When used properly, CPR quickly and easily allows you to isolate problems in your own organization of any part of the process of screenprinting.


Without change, constant and right-thinking change, you have no hope to improve. Change the things that you are now doing that do not promote Efficiency, Effectiveness and Consistency, Predictability and Repeatably of Quality.

Why You Need a Mentor

Business mentors are invariably described as “invaluable” and “priceless” by those they work with. The reason is simple, the mentors provide something that most people cannot readily find within their own circle – the advantage of a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and someone to push them in the right direction. A mentor to help to shorten the learning curve, open their minds to new ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advise on how to promote their success. By selecting a mentor with knowledge of the same industry segment they receive invaluable insider information that can help them achieve their goals.

In today’s competitive landscape a mentoring relationship can give you an edge that differentiates you from your peers and/or your competition. You may be ready to make a change, but something is holding you back. Wouldn’t you benefit from a relationship with someone who may provide knowledge, insight, support, guidance, and open doors for you? It may surprise you that some of the world’s most successful business owners had mentoring relationships to help them in their quest for excellence.

Mentoring is not just a great idea, it is a proven concept:

  • Employees who received mentoring were promoted FIVE times more often than people who didn’t have mentors. Source: Sun Microsystems
  • 75% of executives point to mentoring as playing key roles in their careers. Source: American Society of Training and Development
  • 95% of mentoring participants said the experience motivated them to do their very best. Source: The War for Talent
  • 96% of executives say mentoring is an important development tool. Source: Account Temps
  • 44% of CEOs list mentoring programs as one of the three most effective strategies for senior management. Source: Dr. Belle Ragins for Catalyst

One-To-One Mentoring

One-to-one mentoring is when a person works individually with a mentor on their particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill their potential. It is a catalyst for the enhanced performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

Benefits of Individual Coaching

Mentoring develops potential, improves performance dramatically and puts individuals on the fast track. This happens through developing personal leadership skills, setting better goals, reaching goals faster, making better decisions, and improving communications and business relationships.

For the business owner and management team, they will see clear and measurable results that could include:

  • fast-track leadership development;
  • enhanced leadership and strategic planning skills;
  • better decision-making;
  • improved goal-setting – and faster achievement of goals;
  • ability to inspire and motivate teams, including across geographically dispersed locations;
  • confident communication;
  • improved working relationships.

Benefits for the organization are likely to include:

  • improved management and leadership;
  • more creativity, empowerment, and ownership unleashed in the business;
  • underpinning the effective implementation of organizational change through supporting teams and individuals;
  • greater commitment from recipients of the coaching;
  • higher retention of key people who feel valued.

Our Approach: Long-term Results

Our approach and success are characterized by collaboration and partnership with our clients and a concentrated, clear focus on achieving outstanding results where we are certain that we can truly bring quality and value.

Mentoring offers a transformational approach rather than a transactional approach. This means we work not only at the behavior level but also at the mindset and belief level which is the element that makes the difference between short-term change and long-term transformation.

Who is Mentoring For?

Mentoring is tailored to the needs of the individual or group. Some reasons for using mentoring are:

  • preparation for role/career changes;
  • managing stress, change, conflict or crisis;
  • enhancing personal impact and performance;
  • supporting the appointment of a person into a different role;
  • accelerating the personal development of individuals defined as high potential;
  • acting as an objective and independent sounding board to a senior individual;
  • offering tailored development as a means of rewarding and retaining key staff critical to the business.

The Mentoring Process

We deliver mentoring sessions either face to face, via telephone, video conferencing, email, or a mixture of all four mediums. We work collaboratively with each client to ensure that their needs and objectives are understood before facilitating a program. This is to ensure that we are a good match for our client’s needs and their values. Each client is taken through an evaluation process to set benchmarks prior to mentoring and a final evaluation session to provide details on development and return on investment. Throughout the mentoring process, regular update reports on mentoring progress and status are provided including trends, progress and recommendations, and respecting the confidentiality of the coaching.

Booking and Inquiries

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could. Join us and take the first step towards achieving your goals and dreams. We only take on 12 mentoring clients per year in order to provide the assistance they need to reach their goals. At present, we have one opening left for this year. Take action now to reserve your spot.

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