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Before you get started posting your questions, please read over this posting.

1. Check before posting. Many of the questions or issues you need to raise in the support forums may have already been answered. Before you ask for assistance, search through previous conversations and responses to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.

2. Explain the Problem. When you have a question, make sure you fully understand what is happening so you can present full details. Screenshots or videos are also helpful if you’re not sure how to describe the problem properly.

3. Keep the topic relevant to the forum. As you’ll see, some forums focus on specific areas of interest, so you shouldn’t deviate from that with irrelevant questions in the wrong forum.

4. Mind your manners. Be polite and show gratitude when someone has taken the time to answer a question. Yes, it is possible that the answer you receive is not the answer you expected, but all questions are answered as the Best Practice solution. 

5. Please use the Private Topic when posting private information. There is a box to check labeled Private Topic below the message panel if you need to include any private information in your post.

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