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Our Mission

To provide essential skills to succeed.

We know what it’s like to start and grow a business, learn a new skill set, and improve upon your current skills, which is why we’ve developed the Mentoring Forums that deliver results. After all, knowledge is the best investment you can make! The Mentoring Forums is a new idea for helping solve the myriad problems that we face in the screenprinting technologies. Problems that are not being resolved on other groups and especially social media. We listened as many complained about the lack of intelligent answers to their questions, the number of guesses that did not produce the desired outcome, the lack of professionalism on social media, and the list continues to grow.

Within the Mentoring Forums, you will find practical and applicable solutions that are relevant to your success in the screenprinting technologies. Intelligent, non-biased, professional conversations with real results and no guesses. We are new, but growing fast.

The Mentoring Forums are for professional discussions that contribute to the application and promotion of the screenprinting technologies; which includes the architectural, graphics, industrial, printed electronics, signage, and textile segments.

Membership consists of screenprint business owners, plant managers, production managers, marketing and sales professionals, graphic designers, screenmakers, ink technologists, press operators, manufacturers, distributors, and educators. Our most esteemed members are those experts in each of the segments of the screenprinting technologies that freely devote their time and effort to field questions and give professional, non-biased solutions.

Registered members have access to forums on:

  • Business
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Plant Management
  • Production Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Screenmaking
  • Ink and Coatings
  • Press Production

In each forum, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and receive non-biased mentoring. You can bet if you have a problem and are seeking a solution there are others who have the same problem. And, together we can share what we know and learn of solutions - from the experts and from one another. You will be able to discuss problems and solutions with other mentees within the forums.

And, we have an outstanding search feature that allows you to fine-tune your criteria for what you are searching for. 

If you would like to join our Mentoring Forums, either a Mentor or Mentee, Click Here.

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