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Onsite Consulting

We provide onsite consulting and training to your staff to enhance their knowledge and skills in order to enhance quality, productivity, and overall efficiency while reducing production cost.


Virtual Consulting

We will work with your set objectives using telephone, email and/or video conferencing to provide you with the knowledge you need to be more successful, efficient, and effective.



With our One-to-one mentoring program we work with you individually to mentoring you on your particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill your greatest potential.


Offsite Consulting

The value of our Off-Site Consulting is that it removes your team from outside distractions for a sufficient length of time to contemplate strategic issues, including the team’s own skills development.

Member Services

Technical Library

Access our extensive library of articles on the screenprinting technologies, written to help you improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Learn what you don't know, but need to learn.



Access to our member-only webinars on the many variables of the screenprinting technologies. Each month, we discuss a different topic that you will not want to miss. They are short and to the point.



Access our private community where we answer all your questions as they arise. Just log in and ask away. We will provide honest, non-biased, and most importantly correct answers to any question.



We have been providing podcasts to our members since 1983. Tune in to listen to the current podcast at any time, 24/7/365 by becoming a member of this site.


Knowledge Base

Access our extensive knowledge base on the screenprinting technologies. This is where we keep the answers to the most frequently asked questions about screenprinting.


Support Tickets

Members have access to our support system, where you can ask questions and receive a fully qualified answer quickly. Stop searching the internet and get the answers you need right away so you can get back to work.


Video Archives

Members can access our complete video archives of helpful information on the screenprinting technologies. Quicly learn what you don't know or update your skills.


Discounts on Selected Events

Members receive substantial discounts on our conferences and seminars that we hold throughout the year.